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Here you can find articles covering all manner of topics regarding fishing in and around the Basingstoke Canal Area. From information on angling associations, to nifty fishing tips and tricks, there’s everything you need to enjoy a successful day on the water. From the history of the canal itself, from origins to present, you can learn everything you need to know about this abundant angling area.

There’s also information regarding what kinds of fish you can find and in which areas of the canal, so you can really tailor your day and fish for your preferred catch. You will be able

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There are some passionate people who find this area of the UK really interesting, and so it’s exciting to share a collection of articles covering the local area and details regarding sport fishing in the canal. It’s extremely useful for both locals and tourists to share all of the relevant information about this canal. It’s essential to provide any and all details available to angling enthusiasts, who can benefit from an improved fishing experience on this stretch of water that is so well loved.

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