Fish You Can Find In Basingstoke Canal

Most of the country would recognize the Basingstoke canal as a beautiful spot in the UK. It’s known as a really scenic spot in the UK and is often visited by people wanting a quaint day out, where they can have pub food and walk through the country. However, for other people, the Basingstoke canal is a veritable hunting ground. While there are plenty of places to fish in the UK, this canal is home to a large variety, and is particularly popular for people who need a challenge greater than just catching a fish – this is for people looking for a giant catch. Not for the fainthearted, this is most definitely for anglers who are looking to test themselves, break records, and come home with a catch large enough to feed the whole neighborhood.

There are 32 miles to explore, and plenty of huge fish to catch along the route. The following fish are present in the canal:

  • Carp – carp weighing up to thirty pounds is present in the canal. Different species of this fish are all present, and all available in heavy weights. Carp in this canal can easily weigh up to 30 lbs., and there are shoals of all kinds of carp including common, Koi, and Crucian. This is a particular attraction for anglers who care about size when they fish, as there are some truly impressive specimens lurking in the waters. The presence of shoals also increases your chances of coming home with a lot of huge fish.
  • Tench – in the Basingstoke Canal, there are plenty of Tench, and they can weigh in at around 8 lbs. on a good day. This fish is so plentiful, and they can easily be seen swimming around in the canal, even just by walking by.
  • Bream – bream is another of the big fish, and can massively add to your catch, as in this area they’re weighing in at 7 lbs.

Also available are some smaller fish that are still impressive such as chub, roach, and perch.

This canal is a really plentiful environment for any angler.