Where To Find The Basingstoke Canal

Much like many areas in the United Kingdom, the Basingstoke Canal is rich in history, and dates back centuries. The canal runs through many towns on its route connecting Basingstoke with the River Thames at Weybridge. The canal connects to the famous London river here through the Wey Navigation at Byfleet.

Area Of The UK

This canal is in the south of the UK, particularly the counties of Surrey and Hampshire. These are so quaint and picturesque that they make for picture perfect day trips, and the canal only enhances their quaint beauty. Some of the more well-known towns that the canal runs through, or runs near, are Greywell, Fleet, Aldershot, and Woking. These are great alternatives to a day trip in London, and a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. While this is no longer a fully functioning canal that can take boats from Basingstoke to London, it still makes for a scenic background for a walk or a day trip.

Where To Enjoy The Canal

For a quintessential day out, it’s hard to beat Greywell. This award-winning village is regularly voted the best in Hampshire, and views of the canal add to the beauty of the area. Aldershot is rich in history, and contains monuments like the statue of the Duke of Wellington, attractions like an observatory, and is most famous as the home of the British Army. As the canal runs though Fleet, you can enjoy the famous pond and see what the best place to live in the UK is really like. Once the canal gets to Woking, you are close to London, and can enjoy the small town, complete with palace ruins, cute churches, and the oldest mosque in the UK.

While the canal is no longer functioning, it remains in a beautiful area of the country, and can be enjoyed by tourists exploring the scenery, as well as locals walking their dogs or playing in the country with their kids.